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To promote an understanding of the fragile balance between mankind and the environment by educating visitors about Lake Apopka basin's ecosystems and cultural history, and by restoring and conserving the lands within the Preserve. 

Recipe for Restoration

What is a sandhill habitat?

Sandhills are an inland habitat type, characterized by rolling hills capped by deep coarse sands.  Scientists believe sandhills were formed by ancient oceans that rose and then receded in response to melting and freezing of polar ice caps. Beaches formed wherever the water met the land. Each time a beach formed, dune lines were left behind when the ocean receded.

 Where can we see evidence of restoration actions?

    • Look off the back porch of the Jim Thomas Education Center - Look for long-leaf pines, wildflowers, open tree canopy, gopher tortoises, butterflies, and planted grasses
    • Red Trail Sandhills - young long leaf pines, gopher tortoise burrows, grasses

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