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The Healthy West Orange BoardwalkPhoto Oakland nature Preserve Boardwalk

If you haven't visited yet, be sure to check out ourClipart Wheelcahir Accessible wheelchair accessible Healthy West Orange Boardwalk to Lake Apopka.  

By far our most popular trail, the Healthy West Orange Boardwalk is 2/3 mile long through mostly shaded wetlands, to a large, covered pavilion overlooking Lake Apopka.  

The boardwalk features interpretive signage along the way to identify plants and trees, and offers many opportunities to see alligators, wading birds and turtles.  

Lake Apopka was once the 2nd largest lake in Florida in the late 1800s, and used to be known as the bass fishing capital of the southern US.   Visit our HISTORY page to learn more about the history of Lake Apopka.


Here are just a few of the things you may see along the way...

                    • Yellow Rat Snakes
                    • Green Rough Snake
                    • Green Anole
                    • Zebra Longwing
                    • Red-Wing Blackbird
                    • Common Grackle
                    • Black Vulture
                    • 3-Striped Mud Turtle
                    • Golden Silk Orb weaver
                    • Swamp hibiscus
                    • Blackberries
                    • Elderberry
                    • Muscadine grape
                    • Elephant ear, and 
                    • Cattails

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