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2022-2023 Project information coming September 1st.

We were very excited to receive the fantastic results of the hard work of students on the inaugural year of the Youth Climate Project.  It was obvious that a lot of time and effort was put into the student's research and creation of their videos. We are proud of them all.

It is with a great deal of enthusiasm that the Oakland Nature Preserve, in partnerships with the Amon Family Foundation, announce the students who will receive scholarships from the program.

            The scholarship recipients are:

            Benedict Ridore         Ocoee High School                Scholarship Amount             $7,500.00

            Milena Lynch              Innovative Montessori          Scholarship Amount            $6,500.00

            Toshani Krishna         Ocoee High School                Scholarship Amount             $3,000.00

            Angelina Nguyen       Ocoee High School                Scholarship Amount             $3,000.00

Congratulations to you all!

Climate Change is a very real and critical issue facing Florida and the world. We hope the participants will continue to stay involved and keep informed as science looks for innovative ways of slowing and stopping the negative effects of Climate Change. All can play a very important part by being an advocate within your community for getting citizens onboard for changes that can help in the fight against Climate Change.  

Never stop learning!

Climate change is real and it is happening now. Turning to science gives us the knowledge we need to understand why climate change is occurring, how it is transforming the environment, and what can be done to alter the domino effect. The Youth Climate Project (YCP) challenges high school juniors and seniors to get involved and learn about the role climate change is projected to play in Florida’s future and consider innovative ways we can begin to resolve its effects.

We are excited to announce $20,000 is available to be awarded for scholarships. Schools included in this year's project are:

West Orange High School

Windermere High School

Ocoee High School

Olympia High School

Orlando Science

Horizon High School

Legacy High School

Innovative Montessori High School

Homeschool students (see map on How It Works page for area)


Youth Climate Project

Information Booklet

YCP Information Booklet.pdf

"In the end we will conserve only what we love; 

we will love only what we understand;

and we will understand only what we are taught."

Baba Dioum 1968

Youth Climate Project is a partnership between the Amon Family Foundation, Inc. (AFFI) and Oakland Nature Preserve, Inc.

The Amon Family Fund Inc (AFFI) was founded in May 2021 by Jack Amon, former resident of west Orange county.  As a farmer, community activist, and participant in environmental efforts in Central Florida, Jack ‘s goal was to establish a sustainable vehicle to encourage and support environmental and educational opportunities for young people focused on environmental challenges of the 21st century.   

The operation of the Fund is assisted on the Board of Directors by two of his children, Jennifer Triggs and Jonathan Fritz,  and guided locally by the accounting firm of Derek Blakeslee.


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